8 Different Types of Bikini to Flaunt Your Body Shape in Style

Girls flaunt their body shape by wearing a bikini when they go on the beach, water park, or public swimming pool. No doubt, Bikini is the most popular swimwear and has been around for many years. Women believe that they need extreme confidence to wear a bikini. If you have enough confidence, then no matter what your body shape is, the bikini will flaunt your body shape in style and make you more attractive.

Bikini was first designed in 1946 by French designer Louis Réard, at that time women felt shy and hesitated to wear bikinis. Time passed, and it soon became a sign of youthful liberation for women to show off their body freely. Since then, the acceptable fashion has changed, the bikini popularity has only continued to grow and girls have now started wearing bikinis for many reasons without any hesitation.

In the summer, you can go to a beach party or pool party wearing your favorite bikini or two-piece set. Do you have any plans to enjoy this summer weekends at the beaches or pool? To enjoy the summer party, all you need to have a set of sexy swimsuits or bikini. You can buy any bikini set for beach from a reliable swimwear store and show-off your body.

You can buy any bikini set for beach from a reliable swimwear store and show-off your body.

Well, there are different types of bikinis for different types of body figure. From new minimalist shapes and strategic straps, to full coverage of florals and polka-dot. Sometimes, we all get confused as to what to pick when such occasion knocks on the door when there is no other choice left in the outfit of-course. You can choose any of your favorite bikinis to flaunt your body shape, or curves and can enjoy the sunny day, when it’s so hot outside.

In this post, we have discussed 12 different styles of bikini dress for girls for an inverted triangle, cone, strawberry, or any kind your body shape. You can choose the bikini set according to your body shape and make yourself feel good and confident.

1.      Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

Unlike ordinary bikinis, this top is strapless. Also known as Bandini, this style usually has a tube top bra and briefs that contrast with the design. Sensual and elegant, this style is more inspiring than usual. This strapless bikini dress is best for girls with a smaller bust because it does not provide much support. This bikini is perfect for skimpy or Hourglass body shaped women.

2.      Balconette Bikini

A balconette bikini provides less coverage than a full cup, provides great support with light-padded cup and enhance your bust. This is because the balconette swimsuit has a separate cup, and often uses an underwire for structure to support from below. It also has a low horizontal cut, which works wells on any body type.

3.      Multi-String Bikini

As the name suggests, this bikini set has multiple straps, which can tie around the neck, giving a halter look, or it is designed in a modern style. This bikini is more suitable for women with flaunting shoulders bones. If you have broad shoulders, don't choose this one.

4.      Monokini

Monokini (also known as unikini) is a one-piece women's swimsuit that only covers the chest with noodle-string straps. This one-piece swimsuit has a close-fitting bottom and cut-out detail in the middle to modify the waist or belly buttons. This bikini suit can connect the upper body and lower body, although it may expose the breast or hips or both or be less covered.

This bikini suit can connect the upper body and lower body, although it may expose the breast or hips or both or be less covered.

5.      Microkini

We can also say this bikini is an extremely skimpy one. This style has bare fabric, enough to cover the genitals of men or women. For high-exposure changes, it has simple straps to attach the cloth to the wearer's body and keep your breast covered. It may take a lot of courage or confident to pull this off in public!

6.      String Bikini

A string bikini is scantier and more revealing than a normal bikini. String bikini sets are similar and are tied by additional "string" pieces. It has two strings -pieces, where one thin string wrapped around the waist that connects the two parts, and the other string is wrapped around the neck for support. It will provide you minimal to maximum coverage of a woman's backside.

7.      Tankini

Are you shy-type? So if you don't want to show off your bust, then this bikini top is perfect for you. Tankini is a new form of bikini, which usually comes with a tank top having straps at the shoulder. It was originally designed by Anne Cole, who is considered as the godmother of swimwear. All body-shaped women can choose this bikini style and make them comfortable at the beach or pool party.

8.      Trikini

In the high fashion world, it is defined as "a handkerchief and two small saucers". It is essentially divided into two parts, namely bikini bottoms and two triangular fabrics covering the breasts. If you have a skinny type body figure, you can prefer this for your swimsuit.

You might have noticed that Female Athletes Wear Bikinis as they feel more comfortable in this than other types of costumes or outfits. In the summer season, bikini is the best uniform to wear for women volleyball players, cheerleaders, wrestlers, and athletes. You can shop women's swimwear   or bikini dress for girls online or from any retailer store at great prices.