ARNOLDI Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, in Lilac Purple

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ARNOLDI Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, in Lilac Purple


- Relaxed fit
- Made from OCS (Organic 100 Content Standard) certified organic cotton grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides from untreated, non-genetically modified seeds.

Breathable and ultra-comfortable organic cotton sweatshirt with exquisite printed Arnoldi pattern. Arnoldi is the name of Indonesia's rare national flower which grows in the rainforest of Sumatra and Borneo. The Rafflesia Arnoldi flower is known as the largest individual flower on Earth and is very famous for its rare beauty. We hope those who wear this beautiful shirt to embrace their unique qualities and to be proud of being different, like the Arnoldi flower.

- Made by artisans in Bali who recently lost their previous job due to the pandemic.

- Feel: soft & breathable.

- Perfect for: lounging at home, work and travel.

- Machine wash in gentle cycle, do not bleach.



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