"The Westlake" Hat in Sandy Beige

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"The Westlake" Hat in Sandy Beige


WILD HORSE HATTERY presents "The Westlake" hat in the color of sand.  These are exceptionally handcrafted fine wool felt hats designed in the USA  and made by our expert artisan. Each one comes with our signature natural braided leather hatband and our exquisite label.  These fabulous hats are ready to take you anywhere and have this great Bohemian vibe!  They are perfect for a visit with friends by the lake or for an outdoor excursion exploring a new city or place.  Wear one to dinner at your favorite restaurant,  or make a fashionable, hip statement at a party! Dress up or dress down with one of these stylish pieces.  Wherever you may be, these hats are... for those with an adventurous spirit!  Order yours today....adventure awaits!



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