Women's summer bathroom platform slippers

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This sandal: high value, upper: stylish and simple

Shoes: made of rubber and plastic EVA, fresh and odorless

Solid one-piece molding: no water absorption, no bacteria breeding, no worry about smelly feet

I'm not tired of the "squeaking" noise anymore

Lightness: about the weight of a mobile phone

Thickness: sole 4CM,

Looks heavy, but wears lightly and does not tie your feet,

No burning feet, no tired feet

Comfortable and soft: easy to bend and not easy to deform. It doesn't matter how you knead, how you bend, it doesn't have a black bottom and no smelly feet

Easy to wipe, easy to clean dirty things will be cleaned by just wiping

Use scene: wear at home, bathroom, walk-in the courtyard >>>>>

Use crowd: send children, send lovers, send the elderly, send relatives and friends are all suitable



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